At FCS, the progressive curriculum is a living document, open to reflection and refinement and informed by child development and research on how students learn best.
  • In Language Arts, reading is individualized and a writing workshop method is used. Teachers incorporate the workshop methods of Columbia Teachers College to develop skills and engagement in reading and writing activities. Finished written works are celebrated and, from the early grades, students share oral reports.
  • Mathematics explores materials and patterning with the Math in Focus program and other curricula, developing numbers use, computational skills, and deeper problem-solving skills.
  • Social Studies helps students understand their world through a multicultural curriculum, experiential learning, and advocacy.
  • Wide-ranging Science topics span all grades and often include an appreciation for the beauty and majesty of nature.
  • In Art we encourage creative expression, making sure that efforts are met with sensitivity, respect, and caring. Illustrator Studies reinforce art techniques, appreciation for the creations of others, and the connection between art, reading, and writing. Students in grades 7 and 8 dive deeper into art specialties through electives.
  • Music is taught to all classes and may include playing on recorder, handbells, or other instruments. Reading and writing music are included.
  • The Spanish language is introduced in kindergarten with a playful approach and continues through the grades. Vocabulary, reading, and writing are included, but the emphasis is on oral communication. Students matriculate into Spanish II or III in high school.
  • Physical Education classes teach coordination, rhythm, and game skills with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

Located in College Park, MD, Friends Community School is a progressive Quaker K-8 day school, founded on the belief that every child is a valued member of our community. We offer a challenging curriculum imbued with strong values of equality, integrity, community, environmental stewardship, simplicity and peaceful conflict resolution, rooted in our Quaker heritage.
Friends Community School
5901 Westchester Park Drive
College Park, Maryland 20740