Friends Community School is committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational community.
"The more we can do to teach our community to be truly anti-racist and non-discriminatory--and to recognize and correct it when they or others make mistakes--the sooner we will help transform our society into one that is truly inclusive, equitable, and just."
Diversity Minute from the Board of Trustees September 14, 2020
Ways We Do Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work at FCS 

  • The following initiatives are informed by the work of our Board, Faculty, and Student Diversity Committees
  • Throughout each year we host student-led events that celebrate the diversity of our community. These include experiences like the African American Read-In and our Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day celebration, which are both coordinated by our Student Diversity Committee. 
  • Since 2019 the FCS Board of Trustees, Staff and Faculty have received professional development led by the Glasgow Group, which specializes in "providing skills, tools, and experiences through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion that enhance and deepen schools', organizations', and individuals' capacity for transformation."

Friends Community School is dedicated to fostering an equitable and inclusive educational environment that affirms the dignity of all people. As a Quaker school, we believe there is that of God in every person and strive to be a place where all people feel a strong sense of belonging. We value and celebrate the diversity of our community in terms of race and ethnicity, culture, ability, religion, gender identity and expression, sexuality, family form, socioeconomic status, and all their intersections.

The FCS community is committed to: 
  • Empowering students, faculty, staff, and our whole community to advocate for themselves and each other.
  • Centering historically marginalized people.
  • Teaching loving and responsible ways of being in community across differences.
  • Integrating a pedagogy of social justice throughout all aspects of school life.
  • Dismantling systems of exclusion, inequity, and oppression.
  • Inspiring students to express pride, confidence, and healthy self-esteem without denying the value and dignity of other people.
  • Learning from our mistakes.

Through these commitments, our students will learn to identify and address injustices, develop their vision of a caring and just community, and position themselves to be builders of a better future.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 12/12/2022

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  • Diversity Minute from the FCS Board of Trustees

    The FCS Board of Trustees would like to communicate the following Minute on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Friends Community School which was adopted by the Board on September 14, 2020.
    Recent events have made the systemic racism and inequities inherent in our society glaringly clear. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have been subject to police brutality and all manner of economic and structural racism for generations. This has led to health, employment, and housing circumstances that are resulting in BIPOC being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. As the summer of protest and civil unrest has brought these facts to the forefront of our national conscience, we clearly see that we must change. We have learned that, as a society, we must collectively work to eradicate racism and build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion News

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