Our Mission

The Mission of Friends Community School is to nurture young people to be lifelong learners, courageous risk-takers, and joyous peacemakers; to discover that of God within themselves and others; and to reach their fullest potential as individuals and as contributing members of society.

Our Quaker Values

Quaker practices form the foundation for our progressive, child-centered approach to education. Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship—core Quaker values referred to as the SPICES—permeate the education and atmosphere at FCS. These values are taught, modeled, and lived by both students and teachers.

The Religious Society of Friends believes that there is that of God in every person—an Inner Light, which knows right, is loving and honest, and has tremendous potential. At FCS, we encourage children to be aware of their Inner Light and affirm that in each other. Differences are valued, and we find joy in diversity. We are inclusive and respect the religious beliefs and practices of all in our community.

At FCS, Meeting for Worship occurs weekly for 20 minutes with the whole school. This is a time of quiet reflection and occasional speaking. Parents often marvel at the sight of their active, fidgety children settling into a few moments of contemplation and reflection and allowing some bit of understanding to come to light.

In all grades, we study history with an appreciation for the peacemakers. Creative conflict resolution is learned and practiced by all in our school, and it is a foundation for the respect and joy of learning that fill the campus.

FCS Diversity Statement


Friends Community School is committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational community.  Our school welcomes and affirms diversity in all of its many dimensions guided by the Quaker belief that “there is that of God in every person.” We actively seek students, families, faculty, and staff of varied backgrounds and encourage them to share their unique gifts to cultivate a rich educational experience. We strive to create a learning environment that exposes students to the value and breadth of differences, informs their perspective, and prepares them to shape the world.
Approved by FCS Board of Trustees, 4/11/11

The Quaker SPICES


Located in College Park, MD, Friends Community School is a progressive Quaker K-8 day school, founded on the belief that every child is a valued member of our community. We offer a challenging curriculum imbued with strong values of equality, integrity, community, environmental stewardship, simplicity and peaceful conflict resolution, rooted in our Quaker heritage.
Friends Community School
5901 Westchester Park Drive
College Park, Maryland 20740