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Welcome to Friends Community School Summer Camp 2024!
Please check out the information below and view/register for camps in our Ultracamp Portal to the right!

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

We are excited to plan for another great summer here at Friends Community School. 

Friends Community School offers weekly sessions for campers ages 3.5-14, including Counselor-in-Training and Volunteer courses for high schoolers. Camps are taught by experienced teachers from FCS and our extended community. Each camp is also supported by assistant counselors who work alongside their lead teachers to create a camp community that advances our school’s mission and values. Camp starts at 8:30-3:00 daily and an Ex-Day option available from 3:00-6:00 at an additional cost. 

Please look out our camp information below before you check out our exciting summer sessions available on our Summer Camp Portal. As new information and guidance are received in the coming months before summer is here, this box will notify you of any revisions to check out in the “Camp Updates” bullet list.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Van Nguyen, Director of Operations or Gillian Rosenzweig-Stein, Auxiliary Programs Manager at

Camp Information

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  • Camp Updates (Ongoing)

    • Save the dates! (1/8/24)
      • Summer Camp preview (2/7/24)
      • Summer Camp registration opens noon (2/16/24)
    • COVID-19 Protocol regarding positive cases and household contacts (4/5/24) - updated to current CDC guidance
    • More to come!
  • Important Dates

    • Summer Camp registration opens at 12:00 PM (2/16/24)
    • Balances, Health Forms, and other required documents are due 2 weeks before your session starts.
      • E.g. Session 01’s required documents are due (6/03/24) and so on.
    • Camp Begins 06/17/24 through 8/16/24.
      • Holiday observations: Session 01: Juneteenth (6/19/24) & Session 03: Independence Day Weekend (7/4/24 & 7/5/24)
  • Application Process

    Please visit our Summer Camp website and follow the instructions to log in or register as a new user. You can also check out the Reservations page to see a list of summer sessions available starting on Wednesday, 2/7/24. Make sure to scroll past the Academic Year Programs, which are only available for currently enrolled FCS students.

    Registrations will open on Friday, 2/16/24 at 12:00 PM. Be sure to update your payment options and child’s information before then to ensure a smooth process.

    After you complete a camp registration, automated tasks will be added to your Ultracamp account.

    There may be additional forms, waivers, or agreements depending on your child’s camp reservation and/or medical needs. 

    Your Ultracamp account will always reflect the most up-to-date information and completed tasks. Two weeks prior to the start of camp, FCS Summer Camp will contact you regarding any missing information or balances. One week prior to the start of camp, FCS Summer Camp will provide further instructions and logistics on attending camp.

    If you have any questions about this process or any other aspect of FCS Summer Camp, please reach out to the Camp Administrators, Van Nguyen and Gillian Roszenweig-Stein (
  • Camp Schedules and Ex-Day

    Our general summer camp schedules can be found below. 
    Registration is required in advance in order to attend Ex-Day. Afternoon Ex-Day will be treated as an extension of a camper’s day. If a camper will not be attending Ex-Day on any day of a registered week, written notice must be sent to the Camp Director with as much notice as possible. Refunds will not be issued for any unused days.
    The Ex-Day Afternoon session operates from 3:00-6:00 PM, with pickup allowed anytime within that time frame. Campers will have the opportunity to freely play with kids across camps and grade levels. 
    Registration for Afternoon Ex-Day has a flat rate of $124.50 for the entire week (5-day week). 
    Any late pickup after 6:00 PM may incur a fee as determined by the camp fee schedule. The late fee also applies for any non-Ex-Day campers not picked up by 3:30 PM.

    Camp Schedule
    Camp Arrival (drop off in circle)
    Camp Starts (Morning Activities)
    Staggered Snack/Break
    Morning Activities
    Staggered Lunch/Recess
    Afternoon Activities
    Dismissal (pick up in circle)
    Dismissal Ends (late fees for Non-Ex-Day campers)
    Afternoon Ex-Day - Registration Required

    Little Explorers Schedule
    Camp arrival (Preschool campers may park in the lower lot)
    Camp Starts (Morning Activities)
    Staggered Snack/Break
    Morning Activities
    Half-Day Dismissal (park in lower lot)/Staggered Lunch/Recess
    Nap/Quiet Time
    Afternoon Activities
    Dismissal (pick up in lower lot)
    Dismissal Ends (late fee for Non-Ex Day campers)
    Afternoon Ex-Day - Registration Required
  • COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

    Friends Community School is committed to providing a summer camp experience that aligns with the same health and safety protocols designed to keep our community safe during the school year. FCS follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the FCS vaccine advisory committee regarding COVID 19 vaccination requirements. 
    All updated information about Summer Camp will be noted on this page. For all COVID-19 related questions, please contact
    Consistent with Friends Community School's policies, the School also requires all eligible campers to provide proof of having received:
    • A COVID-19 primary series plus one booster (original doses available to an age group)
    • Or at least one dose of the most up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine (2023-2024 monovalent)
    • Or have a School-approved exemption, in order to attend the Summer Camp.
    The camper may be prohibited from attending the Summer Camp unless and until the Summer Camp has received proof of the Campers' Maryland- and Summer Camp- required immunizations, signed by a medical professional, or proof of a qualified religious or medical exception, pursuant to Maryland law. 
    Note: All students currently enrolled at FCS for the 2023-2024 school year already satisfy the requirements for this year's summer camp, but are still required to submit their documentation into Ultracamp for Summer 2024.
    • Please contact the Camp Director, Van Nguyen (, if you have a valid medical or religious exemption in order to sign documentation attesting to that exemption.
    • FCS Summer Camp is a Mask-Optional campus. 
      • Campers and staff can choose to wear a cloth, surgical, or KN-95/KF-94 mask.
    • In the event an individual present with COVID-19 symptoms, they may be asked to take an antigen test at home before resuming their attendance at camp with a negative test result and symptoms have improved, including no fever for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
    • ***If an individual tests positive, they must stay home until overall symptoms have improved and individual is fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications.
    • ***Depending on the length of symptoms, this period could be shorter, the same, or longer than the previous CDC guidance for COVID-19.
    • ***Upon return, must wear a mask for 5 days (except while eating, drinking, or outside).
    • ***If a household family member tests positive (close contact), the individual must take an antigen test on day 5. Masking is not required.
    • In the event of a positive case within a camp, we will notify families of the camp grade level of the positive result. Families are welcome to decide the course of action that works best for their family's needs.
    • These plans are subject to change in accordance with CDC and local health department recommendations.
    These plans are subject to change in accordance with CDC and local health department recommendations.
  • Required Forms and Health Documents

    Friends Community School Summer Camp follows Maryland state regulations regarding health policies and medication administration. In addition to health forms, we ask for some information to help us best meet your child’s needs at our camp. 
    All campers are required to have personal, health, and COVID-19 immunization forms on file before they are allowed to attend Friends Community School Summer Camp. You may find these forms in the Document Center on our Ultracamp website.
    These required forms are digital and can be completed entirely online. 
    • Camper Profile (2024)
    • Camper Health History (2024)
    • Medication & Health Policy (2024)
    • Parental Consent Forms (2024)
    Documents to Upload:
    • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination (2024)
    • As-Needed Antigen Test Results (Only use when instructed to via email or by the School Nurse)
    Campers who require medication will need to use additional forms that require uploading and approval from our school nurse. Generally speaking, we do accept current Medication Order Forms for a child’s current school as long as it remains valid through the camper’s attendance at FCS Summer Camp.
    • Form G_a - Medication Order
    • Form G_b - Physician Authorization of Inhaler and Asthma Action Plan (combined)
    • Form H - Allergy Action Plan
    Campers who reside outside of the US/US Territories also require the following document:
    • Form K - Immunization Certificate DHMH 896
    The Document Center is the location where you can securely upload all of the required documents and forms for Summer Camp.
    Parents must submit their camper’s required forms two weeks before the start of your child’s first camp session. These forms are required by state guidelines, and any delay in submitting these forms will result in possible cancellation of their camp registration.
  • Camp Fees and Discounts

    Based on a 5-day week
    4- and 3-day weeks are prorated accordingly
    Standard Camps
    2-Week Camps (K-2 only)
    Pre-K (Half-Day)
    Pre-K (Full-Day)
    Rising K (FCS-Only)
    Ex-Day PM (3:00-6:00)
    Registration Required
    Additional Fees
    Late Pickup Fee 
    • After dismissal ends (3:30 PM) and not registered for Ex-Day PM
    • After Ex-Day ends (6:00 PM)
    $10 from 0-15 minutes after end time, $10/minute after
    6-8 Grade Archery Insurance (Crossbow)
    Field Trip Fee (Middle School Camps)

    FCS Summer Camp offers a discount based on multi-week registrations. If an account has three or more sessions registered, the system will automatically apply $20 off per session. This number can be reached with multiple registrations for a single child or with multiple sibling registrations.
    • Multi-week (3+ camps): $20 off per session
  • Payment Procedure and Refund Policy

    By registering for a camp session, you are agreeing to the following policy.
    • To assure your child's place, a $100 non-refundable deposit for each camp session is due with your registration. 
    • The balance for each session must be paid in full two weeks prior to the start of the session.
    • If you need to cancel a registration, parents/guardians can do so within their account within the ‘Reservations’ tab no later than two weeks prior to the start of the session.
      • Families will receive a full refund of all amounts paid in excess of the Non-Refundable deposit.
    • If you need to transfer a registration to a different camp session, subject to availability, parents/guardians must send a notice in writing at least two weeks prior to the start of the session to the camp director. 
      • The Non-Refundable deposit and any amount will be transferred to the new camp session.
    • After the balance due date (two weeks before a camp session starts), there will be no refund or cancellation of the amount due to personal circumstances, including, but not limited to, absence, extended illness, family emergency, change of residence, severe weather, expulsion, or withdrawal.
    • All camp balances, including any fees incurred, must be paid by August 31, 2024. A reminder will be sent at this time.
      • Any balance remaining on an account will be charged to the credit card on file on September 16, 2024.
    • Friends Community School may cancel a camp session due to under-enrollment.
      • In the event of these occurrences, we will provide advance notice where possible, and will provide the following options:
        • Under-enrollment: Full refund of non-refundable and camp fees OR transfer of fees to another available camp session.
    • Friends Community School may cancel an individual’s camp reservation if the child tests positive for COVID-19. 
      • Prorated refund of total camp fees according to the number of days left in the camp week OR a full refund of non-refundable and camp fees in the event that the individual was not in session at all.
      • In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak within a camp session, campers who attended that session will have their reservations canceled with a prorated refund of total camp fees according to the number of days left in the camp week.
    • In addition, in the event of closure for severe weather, the FCS Summer Camp may close for the duration of the watch/warning and may not issue make-up days.
  • Under-enrolled Camps

    Friends Community School reserves the right to cancel a camp session that does not meet half of the total expected enrollment at any time. Every effort will be made to fulfill enrollment, and notice will be given no later than two weeks before the under-enrolled camp’s start date to give families time to make plans as outlined within our Refund Policy. 
  • Arrivals/Departures: Carline

    Summer Camp Carline operates in a single file along the school’s driveway following the protocols below for arrivals/departures.

    Morning Arrival (8:30 AM - 9:00 AM)
    • Morning Carline opens in the circle, Little Explorers may pull into the parking lot 
      • Please do not pass cars in the circle. Some vehicles have children exiting on the driver side.
    • Lead teachers will help campers out of their cars and direct them to the Multipurpose room. Camps will depart from there for their regular activities. 
    • Parents do not need to sign their child into Procare during the mornings. Staff members will take attendance upon arrival in the Multipurpose room/classroom to ensure that they are on campus.
    Afternoon Departure (3:00 PM - 3:15 PM)
    • Afternoon carline begins at 3:00 PM. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to dismissal time and remember to sign out your child on the Procare App or have your PIN ready. 
    • Hang Tags with family names will also be sent home on a camper’s first day of camp, which helps staff identify vehicles from a distance. This is not a substitution for proper verification.
    • Drivers should line up in a single file in the right lane of the driveway and a staff member will ask to verify the child’s sign out screen on the Procare App or ask for a PIN. They will then direct the driver to a numbered sign (1-7), send them to the Parking Lot (Little Explorers), or wait for the next cycle.
    • The first car in line will proceed halfway around the front circle, stopping at sign #1 (end of the sidewalk) with subsequent cars following until the end of the circle.
      • Please do not pass cars in the circle. Some vehicles have children exiting on the driver side.
    • Camp staff will direct your child to their respective vehicle and help them enter, if necessary.
    • The Camp staff member at position 1 will determine when it is safe for drivers to carefully exit. Because there may be additional children or classes coming out of the building, please do not move your car until camp staff has verified that cars may begin moving. 
    Afternoon Ex-Day (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Registration Required)
    • Children who are staying for afternoon Ex-Day are walked to the Multi-Purpose Room when their camp day is over.
    • The Blacktop area will be closed off at 3:15 when departures end so that campers may use the space to play.
    • Parents picking up their child must park in the lot, walk to the deck located right at the edge of the lot, and sign out their child. The staff member on duty will radio for the child to walk to the tent for pickup.
    • It is important that parents do not change carpool or Ex-Day arrangements for another child without written permission from, and notification of the other child’s parent.
  • What to Bring to Camp?

    Little Explorers (Pre-K):
    • A complete change of clothes in a labeled bag to keep at camp for the week.
    • Items for nap/rest time: Blanket, sheet, pillow, and one comfort item that does not make noise or light up in a large bag to stay at camp for the week.
      • These items will be sent home at the end of the week. 
      • Campers will have a dedicated foam rest mat to sleep on that will be cleaned before and after usage.
    • If your child is not a napper, please fill out the reservation question and communicate with the camp director ahead of time. Typically, children are not required to nap, but they may need to read or play quietly during the rest time.
    Optional (Older Campers): 
    • A complete change of clothes in a labeled bag to keep at camp for the week. We highly recommend K-2 families to send clothes as our K-2 groups love getting messy!
    If needed (All Campers): 
    • Sunscreen and/or insect repellent labeled with the child’s name to keep in their camp cubby for the week.
      • It is best to apply these products at home before the camp day as well.
      • Campers will be reminded to reapply products before recess at lunchtime (12:00) and at the start of Extended Day (3:00), if attending.
    • Medication in a gallon size ziplock that stays in the health office.
      • Parents must sign in the medication at the start of the week. Please do not leave medication in a child’s backpack.
      • Labeled with the child's name, physician’s name and phone number, date and expiration date, directions for administration, and name of medication. 
      • Medication can remain in the health office for the summer if attending multiple camps.
    • Required paperwork must be on file for sunscreen/insect repellent (Parent Consent Forms) and all medications (Forms G/H as applicable). 
    • A backpack to carry the following:
      • Morning snack and lunch, with cold packs, if necessary 
        • No refrigeration or microwave is available.
        • We are not a nut-free school.
      • Additional afternoon snack if your child is staying for Extended Day. 
      • Water bottle labeled with your child’s name. 
    • Please do not bring electronic devices, including cell phones, or personal toys/games (including trading cards) to camp.
    • A book or two is encouraged for down times during the day!
  • Camp FAQs

    • Who is allowed to register?
      • FCS Summer Camp is proudly open to the public! Our campers are roughly 50% FCS students, and 50% friends from our community. In addition, there is no priority system with registration.
    • What can I do to be ready for registration?
      • When camp registration opens on February 16 at noon, many families choose to register as soon as possible. 
      • Here’s how you can avoid any delay in this process:
        • Make sure that you create or have an Ultracamp account (1 per family)
        • Ensure that your child’s information is correct, particularly (Grade in Fall 2024) so that you can access the right camps.
        • Update any payment options such as credit cards and ACH.
        • Fill out the required forms so that you can skip them in the registration process.
    • What ages do you allow at FCS Summer Camp?
      • FCS Summer Camp offers camps for children ages 3 ½ through 8th grade. Our licensing does not allow us to accept anyone younger than 3 ½ at our summer camp. We also have two separate programs for high schoolers, particularly FCS Alumni, called Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and Volunteers.
      • We generally divide campers into “Little Explorers” for ages 3 ½ - 4, those entering grades K-2, those entering grades 3-5, and those entering grades 6-8.
    • What is Ultracamp?
      • UltraCamp is a secure database system that is used by many camps across the country. It is designed to streamline the registration and record-keeping processes of other auxiliary programs just like ours. FCS uses this Portal for all Auxiliary Programs during the Academic Year (Ex-Day, Enrichment, and Instrumental) and Summer Camp
      • Each account is specific to a particular organization and is designed to be a household account. Please do not make multiple accounts as this will create issues within our system and your child. There is only one login per account that is decided by the original account creator. All paperwork is securely stored inside the UltraCamp account.
    • What is Procare?
      • Procare is a secure attendance management app that also includes emergency contacts that is used for ALL pickups (regular dismissal and Ex-Day).
      • Families will be added to Procare in June between the end of the FCS academic year and before summer camp begins.
      • Parents have the option of using the app with geolocation access to securely sign their child out at the end of the day OR remembering their PIN.
      • All other authorized pickups (neighbors, babysitters, grandparents, etc.) will need to use a PIN after they are added to the app.
      • Please note that PINs are auto generated for adults and not for children. Please do not share your PIN with anyone else. In case of an emergency, this is the information that allows us to figure out who last picked up your child.
    • How do I sign up for a camp?
      • If you want to browse everything that is being offered this summer, you can click on the Reservation menu link then [Explore Sessions].
      • If you want to see only reservations that are available for a specific camper, click on [New Reservation] on that same page, then the camper you wish to register.
      • Please note that non-refundable fees ($100 per camp) and any outstanding balance are required at the time of reservation. The balance is due 2 weeks before the session’s start date alongside other camper and medical forms.
    • How can I add Authorized Pick-ups?
      • Please see our Summer Camp Guide to Procare (2024 version to be released!) in our Document Center for more information on how to add Authorized Pick-ups for daily pickup.
      • The “Pickup Authorization” section is where you can designate account members over the age of 18 to also be able to pick up all of the underage campers in the event of an emergency.
      • For the safety of the camper, Friends Community School Summer Camp representatives may ask any of the individuals listed above to verify their identity by showing an official photo ID (driver’s license, ID card, current passport, etc.) prior to releasing the camper.
      • We will only release campers to the persons listed in this section or the Procare App Authorized Pick-up list, but if there are circumstances in which there is someone specific who should not be allowed to pick up your child under any circumstance, please contact the Camp Director.
    • What else do I get when I register?
      • In addition to an awesome and fun-filled camp experience, every camper gets an FCS Summer Camp T-shirt! They will also receive a tote bag to carry all of their camp gear home!
      • Note: We use default sizes for incoming grade levels (PreK-2: Youth Small; 3-5: Youth Medium; 6-8: Youth Large). Please let us know if your child needs a different size no earlier than a week prior to when they arrive as that’s when we pack the shirts and bags.
    • The camp I want to register for is full!
      • Ultracamp has a great built-in waiting list function. If you see a reservation that has filled up, you can still go through the same process of registering for it. Instead of a regular reservation with a deposit, you’ll add your camper’s name to the waiting list at no cost.
      • When there is space on the waiting list, you will be automatically notified of the opportunity to finish the reservation. You have 24 hours from the time of notice to make the reservation, so please make sure that you are receiving automated emails properly from Ultracamp.
    • What time does camp begin and end?
      • The day at FCS Summer Camp begins at 8:30 with arrival and ends at 3:00 PM. 
      • Afternoon Extended Day operates between 3:00-6:00 PM.
    • What if my child takes medications?
      • Please only send medication for FCS Summer Camp if it is absolutely necessary. All medication needs to be processed by our delegating nurse during camp hours.
      • We suggest that campers take routine medications before/after camp whenever possible. We cannot administer any medication without the required forms, including the time to have them processed by the school nurse. Please plan in advance as much as possible.
      • Families can submit necessary medications using the required documents (G/H) by 2 weeks before a session starts. All medical records are securely uploaded into the Ultracamp system, anonymized, and are only accessible to camp administrators.
    • What if my child has a serious allergy?
      • Parents must note any allergies, including a serious food allergy, on their child’s medical history form. Medications such as an antihistamine or EpiPen require a Medication Order Form signed by a physician. When you come to camp on the first day of the session, bring the medication with you in the original box with your child’s name on it.
      • FCS Summer Camp is not a nut-free campus. Campers will have separate standalone desks or seating areas that would minimize any risks of food cross-contamination. Campers and staff all wash their hands before and after lunch to help protect those with serious food allergies.
      • FCS employs a full-time school nurse on site throughout the year, including summer camp.
      • In addition to the school nurse, both the Camp Director and Camp Manager hold Medication Administration certificates that allow them to administer medication. Camp teachers and assistant teachers are also trained on how to handle emergency situations and use Epi-Pens as needed.

FCS Summer Camp

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  • Van Nguyen 

    Director of Operations
    (301) 441-2100 ext. 113
  • Gillian Rosenzweig-Stein 

    Auxiliary Programs Manager
    (301) 441-2100 ext. 152

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