Novel School Bus

For students at Friends Community School, it’s a big deal to ride on a school bus. Carpools from neighborhoods in FCS’s radius like Capitol Hill, Bowie, Takoma Park, and Hyattsville deliver students to and from school. Parents drive on field trips.
But for the 2016-17 school year, FCS is borrowing a school bus to send groups of students to Adelphi Friends Meetinghouse. Younger and older students, paired for the year as Meeting Partners, are traveling together to hold Meeting for Worship at the site where the school began 30 years ago. It’s a short bus trip but apparently joyful, judging from this video of Sandy’s 1/2 students traveling with their 5/6 Meeting Partners on Wednesday.

An essential component of every Friends school is that it holds Meeting for Worship weekly, in a way that is sensitive to the ages and diversity of religious identities represented in the school community. Last year, FCS participated in a self-study for the Friends Council on Education to review practices in light of the Principles of Good Practice for Friends Schools. While whole-school Meeting for Worship is usually on Wednesdays in the multi-purpose room, the trips to Adelphi Friends Meeting are an opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of the Quaker community experience of worship.

The school bus comes on loan from Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s summer camp program. It relieves busy parents from driving on one of the many field trips students take during the school year at FCS. Nonetheless, some parents are still electing to go and share the experience of Meeting for Worship.

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