A New Friend at FCS

Students in Keely’s 1/2 class at Friends Community School have a new classmate: Skarlet, the bearded dragon. Skarlet joins the class in a big tank near the sunny south-facing windows. She has her own climber and an interesting lunch: crickets. 
The students in Keely’s class spent weeks deciding together on a class pet. First, they read books on insects, lizards, amphibians, and rodents. All agreed that a diurnal pet would be best, so it could enjoy the school day with the class. Furry animals were the initial favorite, until students considered that in future years a student in Keely’s room might be allergic to the fur.

What about an alligator? The students thought it could be kept in one of the back lawn’s stormwater retention ponds. But Keely learned permits are required for alligators, and getting a permit could take a long time, maybe all school year.

Eventually the first- and second-graders reached consensus on two options: a bearded dragon or a salamander. An advantage to the bearded dragon is that some like to be held, according to the students' research. A vote was taken, and the bearded dragon was favored, 13 to 3.

The bearded dragon joined the class last week, and the naming process began in a similarly collaborative fashion. Group brainstorming led to 28 names, including Litlin, Skarlet, Slink, Bumps, Binky, Ralph, Sparks, and Bobby. Using an NCAA bracket-like system, the choices were whittled down two by two to Skarlet.

Next time you’re at FCS, stop by to meet Skarlet in Keely’s 1/2 class.
    • New Pet

      Our new bearded dragon October 4, 2016

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