Practicing Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Self-Love

Last week, FCS welcomed Ofosu Jones-Quartey, an artist and author of the childrens’ book Love Your Amazing Self for an assembly. 

Ofasu read passages from his book, and asked students to think about what they loved about themselves, leading to a variety of answers including students’ names, their own kindness, and how they treat others.
“His calm and present energy, his musical talents, and his message that You Are Enough all brought a positive energy to our community,” said Interim Head of Middle School Katie Douglas. “I especially appreciated his reminder that being kind to ourselves is just as important as being kind to others.”

Ofasu also led an intentional listening exercise in which students were asked to close their eyes and listen to the sound of a bell, and then raise their hands when they no longer heard it. They reflected on how closing one sense strengthened another. He closed with a brief dance party, then a performance of his song “In this Moment

“Ofosu's visit reminded us of the importance of staying present in the moment,” said Yonnette Moore, Head of Lower School. “Time is only a moment and goes by so fast that we often forget its value. We thank Ofosu for this profound reminder.” 

As we have emerged from the pandemic, it has been wonderful to welcome visitors back in the building, especially for assemblies that bring so much positivity and joy to our community like Ofasu did. 

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