5th and 6th Grade Construct a Museum

Grace, FoCuS Staff Writer
On March 20th, the 5th and 6th graders put on an African History and Culture museum in 5/6 social studies teacher Terrance Smith’s room. “Fifth graders had the opportunity to study and research modern countries in Africa. While researching their chosen countries, students learned about the geography of Africa and its impact on society,” said Terrance. “The project also helped students see the diversity of present-day Africa while making real-world connections with the Ancient African civilizations they will be studying next year.”
Similar to 5th graders, 6th graders had the opportunity to research and create an interactive museum exhibit that examines the history and achievements of a famous Ancient African Kingdom. The project began in February, and the students worked on them both in and out of class.

Besides learning about their kingdoms and countries, Terrance also wanted "them to sharpen their research and presentation skills,” he said. 

6th graders created exhibits for Ancient Africa in groups of three or four. They made information plaques as well as 3D artifacts, paintings, or drawings to teach others about their kingdom. Students enjoyed that this project was a chance for them to be creative.

“The arts and crafts part was my favorite. I also liked the break from having to do paperwork,” said 6th grader Noel.

“I liked making the food artifacts, especially the long beans,” said 6th grader Sophie.

5th graders mostly worked alone, but some worked with partners to create their “present day” Africa exhibits. The 5th graders created posters that included pieces of text as well as pictures to teach others about their countries. The 5th graders enjoyed learning about life in a place other than the US.

“I enjoyed getting to learn about a foreign country and different things that they do,” said Markham.

“I liked learning that it was an island and about the food,” said Aubree. 

While students learned a lot, parents and visitors learned even more! Overall the project was a great learning experience for students and visitors. “I'm extremely proud of all of the hard work that students have put into the completion of this project, and it’s a huge confirmation as to why I love being a teacher,” said Terrance

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