7th and 8th Grade Science Explorations

The new year started with exciting science explorations in 7th and 8th grade. From sugar-coated DNA models to fast and fantastical marble runs, students in science teacher Angela Rohan’s classes had fun learning and playing last week! 
In 7th grade students are studying the components of DNA and how it functions to communicate important information in the body. 

They constructed 3D models of DNA using the different colors of gumdrops to represent nucleotide bases (A, T, G, and C). 

Students used genetic code to determine the gene sequence for different physical characteristics and finished by writing a DNA sequence based on their own physical traits. 

In 8th grade, students experimented with the laws of motion and energy as they constructed elaborate paper roller coasters for marbles to run. 

They learned how slope impacts speed and through trial and error came up with designs that contained at least two hills, a loop, and a curve. 

After they finish creating and testing their designs they will analyze their roller coasters to determine how energy moves from potential energy to kinetic energy throughout the length of the track.  


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