Studying Climate Change in 3/4 

Students in Grade 3/4 have been engaged in a deep dive into the study of climate change. Their learning has included reading and writing nonfiction text as well as conducting research into the causes and effects of problems humans cause in the environment.

Some of that research has taken place within FCS itself. 

Tess’s class conducted a study of how much and what kind of paper the school recycles as students collected and counted the contents of all the recycling bins across the building and analyzed the results of their data collection. 

Inez’s class looked at water consumption and created bar graphs to illustrate how much water the school used over the span of November 2020 to November 2021. Students noted the significant difference between the beginning of that timespan when few people were in the building through to the end when everyone was back. 

Danielle’s class focused on the growth of greenhouse gasses in the earth’s atmosphere over time. As Hayden wrote, one way you can stop making greenhouse gasses “is to ride a bike instead of driving a car.” 

Students have synthesized what they are learning into a variety of projects including informative posters, brochures, and essays. 

Inez explained how her students dove into the process of creating persuasive texts that offered tips for reducing water waste. They learned how to tailor their language to a particular audience, with some creating posters and pamphlets to share with younger students (using more images) and some to share with older students (using more text). Copies of the materials they created will be distributed to classes throughout the school.  

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