Over the summer I was introduced to A Little Book of Courage for the Big Pandemic by Cheri Lovre. My introduction came during a presentation for school leaders about dealing with trauma in the wake of the pandemic. The author, who is an expert in crisis response and trauma intervention, suggests that we all have experienced the emotions prevalent in a crisis ranging from anxiety to grief and depression, to trauma. As we begin to emerge from the worst of the pandemic, Lovre proposes that our journeys through these emotions will eventually lead us to three possible resolutions in a “new normal”: recoveringregaining, and reinventing
Those of us in recovery are still trying to dig out from the overwhelm of the last several months. Some of us are regaining as we begin to do the things we used to do before the pandemic began. And some of us are in a space of reinvention fueled by the creative necessities the pandemic imposed and a vision that things must be different moving forward. Lovre writes:
But a post-COVID world lies ahead. There will come a day when most of us will feel whole again. We can’t yet predict when that will be, or precisely how it will come to pass. But we know many aspects of pre-pandemic life will return. We will recognize ourselves. And we’ll be doing more than just coping.
The book makes two things quite clear: the pandemic will not last forever and we must find the courage to make it through. While three years of disruption is a long period of time, it will come to an end at some point. In order to be prepared for life after the pandemic, we all need to have faith in ourselves and in our community in order to believe we will be able to move forward.

In Peace, 
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