Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Lower and Middle School students have been exploring history, culture, and language as they learn about Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) in both their Spanish classes as well as through class activities in other subject areas. Janet Browne (Lower School Spanish teacher) and Daniela Rivadeneira (Middle School Spanish teacher) shared a glimpse into their classrooms this week. 
Lower School 

Janet, explained that “we have talked about Hispanic people who have contributed to the United States, the names of countries where ancestors of Hispanic people come from and colored flags that represent these countries.” Students in 3/4 classes paraded down the hallway with these flags. 

First and second-grade students learned about Amate, an ancient tradition of papermaking from Mexico that uses the pulp of fig and mulberry trees. Students used brown paper bags to represent Amate paper and then painted the paper with drawings to depict animals and plants. 

Kindergarten students listened to the history of Frida Kahlo and her animalitos (animals) to learn about the life of this important Mexican painter. 

Middle School 

Daniela, our Middle School Spanish teacher has also been doing projects in all her classes in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.  

She explains, “I am having each class complete Hispanic Heritage Biography Pennants. Each student is doing research on a notable Hispanic figure who has contributed to American society. On each pennant, there are four sections to be filled out that require research. Once the pennants are filled and colored, I will put them together into a banner to hang around the school.”

In addition, next week Middle School advisories will hold a poetry "read-in" of Hispanic authors, sharing the texts across advisories via Google Meet. 
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