Wrapping Up the 2020-2021 Year with Hands-On Learning

When you read through these hands-on snapshots of learning from the past few weeks it’s hard to believe we were all fully virtual for much of the year. Students, faculty, and staff are making the most of every last minute together before the summer comes. 

Kindergarten Participates in Cicada Math!

Alexandra's class was curious about how many cicadas are out and about on the FCS campus so they set out to try and find out!  

Students named the little grove of trees on the outside of the field "Cicada Alley" after visiting there last week. They returned this week with a mission to count cicadas. Each child was assigned a tree and had a notebook with two sections alive and not alive. They used tally marks to count how many live and not alive cicadas and shells they found. 

Back in the classroom, all students listed their totals and then discussed how to get a grand total. Ideas included: count, add two numbers at a time and then put them together, count on, and more.  

“We ended up doing some adding on in our heads, but used an extra tool to check our work: snap cubes,” explained Alexandra. “One snap cube for each live cicada counted rendered a huge, long train of snap cubes.” 

The totals? 171 live cicadas and 37 not alive (including shells). 

Egg Drop from the Roof
Students in 7th and 8th grade got to test their engineering prowess last week. They applied the engineering design process to create a contraption to carry a raw egg safely to the ground from the rooftop of FCS. 
The contraptions demonstrated mixed success, but the fun was universal. Several lower school classes were able to observe some of the fun, socially distanced, of course!

Recording Newsies On Location

Once again our 6th graders have persevered in performing a musical despite the challenges of a pandemic. As the images above convey, they took the dancing to the streets! 

Filming on Zoom and on location around town, Kiersten, Kelly, and the actors have been very creative in the way they are putting this show together. We can’t wait for you to see it! Make plans to join us online for a premiere streaming event on Wednesday, June 9th at 10:15 AM.
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