Gratitude Part 2.
Here are my remarks from last Saturday's Virtual Auction.
Despite the challenges and disruptions FCS has faced this year, the ties that bind this community have remained intact and tight. That commitment to one another was on beautiful display last Saturday at our virtual auction. 

The proceeds from the virtual auction will help FCS to provide financial assistance to 40% of our families. So far the auction raised $36,000.
If I have learned anything about living through this pandemic, it is that if you need help, members of this community will come to your aid without hesitation.
In the fall, I picked up the phone and asked Cathy Jenkins if she would oversee the auction. Without pausing, she said, “Yes, Angela, whatever you need.” Cathy reached out to three parents, Trisha LayAmy Sapkota, and Randall Evans, and asked them for help. They too, without a pause said “Yes.”

And when it was Trisha’s, Amy’s, and Randall’s turn to ask for help from other parents, and even a grandparent--without pausing, those individuals said, “Yes.” Our list of volunteers for the auction grew because every time someone asked for help, somebody said yes. To all of you who said, "Yes," thank you for your hard work to organize a beautiful evening. We are so grateful.
In peace and partnership,

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