New Book Collection for FCS Library

The FCS Parent Association and parents on the Board Diversity Committee are delighted to announce the addition of a new collection to the FCS library holdings, which will deepen offerings in a number of ways. The goal of this project was to ensure that children could find books that reflected themselves, their families and friends, and community members on FCS shelves. With a particular focus on middle-grade readers, the expanded collection increases choices featuring characters and narratives rich in gender, ethnic, and racial diversity.
This includes the addition of LGBTQ, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and Black and Latinx stories. The books challenge stereotypes about gender and disabilities and whenever possible feature "own voices" authors - writers telling stories from within their own cultural background. The collection also includes a number of nonfiction volumes that present the histories of the peoples of the United States and North America in nuanced and complex ways. 

We hope that FCS students and families will explore these books and that they provide opportunities for recognition, conversation, appreciation, and learning together.  The full list of new titles may be viewed here.  The books will be housed in both the main FCS library and middle school classroom libraries, and are now in the catalog (, available for all students to check out.  A full description of each book is provided in the catalog.

The PA would like to thank Nicole Lucier and Carol MacAdam for spearheading this effort.  Many thanks also to Tammi McCord for her work to acquire these books efficiently and economically, and much gratitude to June Confer for her book contributions, work to add titles to the catalog, and her long-standing commitment to great reading for our students. 
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