FCS Middle Schoolers Learn about the Divine Nine

On Wednesday, March 3rd FCS Middle School students had the opportunity to learn about the rich history of nine Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations. Speakers for each organization represented FCS parents, friends, and faculty. They shared stories of how they came to join the organizations, the impact these affiliations continue to have in their lives, and the many ways in which they continue to participate in service through them.
You can watch a video recording of the session here:

Earl Adams, Jr., father to 3rd grader Avery and 4th grader Earl, moderated the panel and after speakers shared an overview of each of the organizations he opened the floor to questions. Students asked about everything from how the pledge process works to whether Kamala Harris still has to pay her dues to Alpha Kappa Alpha (she does). One student asked what all the organizations have in common and Carl Hobbs, Jr. (Kappa Alpha Psi) gave an answer that others echoed in their remarks, “Service, helping each other, mentorships, and community involvement … I think at a baseline we all share in the same thing and that’s the uplift of Black people. That’s really important ... While you’ll see some differences, it’s all about helping each other.”

Earl added, “All of the Divine 9 are involved in voter rights projects and programs that ensure people have access to vote without any obstacles. I think that because of their history of starting from a place of exclusion there is a very strong focus within all of them on trying to be inclusive and making sure that we are uplifting all folks regardless of background.”

Thank you to the volunteers who shared their stories with us: Kevin Stewart (Alpha Phi Alpha), Janelle J. Jordan (Alpha Kappa Alpha), mother to FCS 5th grader Jonathan, Carl Hobbs, Jr. (Kappa Alpha Psi), Earl Adams, Jr., father to 3rd grader Avery and 4th grader Earl  (Omega Psi Phi), Melanie Nix (Delta Sigma Theta), mother to 8th grader Kennedy and FCS alumnus Carter '19, Reverend Dr. Harold Brooks (Phi Beta Sigma), Corenthia Hurley (Zeta Phi Beta), Jennie Claiborne (Sigma Gamma Rho), 8th Grade ELA teacher and mother to 3rd grader Ellie. 

And thank you to the FCS parents who helped to organize this event: Tamara Devieux-Adams and Earl Adams, Jr. (parents to 3rd grader Avery and 4th grader Earl), Andrea Hill (mother to 3rd grader DJ), Maisha Miles (mother to 3rd grader Brayden) and Tamara Sam (mother to 3rd grader Isaiah and Kindergartener Kennedy).
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