Boxes Full of Surprises

What do battery operated candles, a collection of colorful clay, five gallon paint buckets, and water samples from Catoctin have in common? These are just some of the intriguing items found in the 250 boxes of school supplies FCS distributed to families last week. A peek inside each supply kit revealed the many ways in which we’re staying true to our commitment to hands-on-learning while learning online.
For several days teachers and staff prepared boxes sorting manipulatives, assigning textbooks, doling out crayons and colored pencils, and working across specialty areas to ensure that each student has what they need to be fully engaged in the curriculum. Boxes for every class are different. The kits were distributed both at school and via home deliveries. Staff were energized by the opportunity to see families in person and our brief exchanges as we handed off the boxes were an unexpected source of joy. 

We asked faculty to share some their favorite items from the supply kits: 

I put a 5 gallon bucket and two duct tape wrapped dowel sticks for the 5th graders. We will be doing a bucket drumming unit in 5th grade music this fall.” - Kiersten Whitehead, Music and Performing Arts Teacher

We put a little tea candle (the electronic kind with a switch) into the K kits. This is for us to use as we teach about MFW and centering and having a focus point -- something to look at as you sit quietly. We haven't used them yet, but I am excited about spreading the light both figuratively and literally!” - Alexandra Whyte, Kindergarten Teacher

“My favorite item I put in the Kindergarten materials kit for Spanish class was playdough. I know children love playdough and it is amazing to see how they can transform it into different things. It could be their favorite animal for a few minutes and later it could be their favorite character from a book or a movie. They can just let their imagination fly.” Janet Browne, Spanish Teacher

Do you have a story, picture, or video to share from when you received your supply kit? We’d love to see it! You can share via our Show and Tell Spotlight form. We’ll post what you share there in a future Weekly Bulletin. Thank you in advance! 

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