8th Graders: Surprise!

At what would normally be 2 PM carline on the last Wednesday of the school year, Friends Community School found a way to surprise their 8th graders with a time-honored tradition.

For as long as anyone at Friends Community School can remember, there’s a special tradition that happens at 2 PM carline on the last Wednesday of the school year. All the students in Kindergarten through 7th grade, teachers, and parents line up, clasp hands together, and form a giant tunnel as a “surprise” for the graduating 8th graders. The graduates come out of the building as the community cheers, and they run through the tunnel that celebrates their journey from Kindergarten through 8th grade.   
The FCS Class of 2020 is the largest in school history. They are our friends, Meeting Partners, mentors, and classmates. As FCS students growing through the years, they have joined in the FCS tunnel tradition, holding up their hands to let the graduates run through. Now it is their turn.
Yes, we are quarantined during a pandemic, so we needed to get a little extra creative this year. Three weeks ago, a top-secret video went out to the FCS community asking everyone to upload footage of themselves joining the tunnel as a surprise for the 8th graders. Videographer and FCS alum Rebecca Hamilton-Levi ‘10 stitched the 154 video submissions together to make the virtual 8th Grade Tunnel you see here, set to audio of the 7/8 Guacapella singing "Don't Stop Believen'" in December.
That first time the FCS tunnel happened, many years ago, it was probably a real surprise for the 8th grade. We hope it’s like that for our Class of 2020.
Congratulations to our graduates!
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