Spring on Campus

While students and faculty at Friends Community School are at home during the COVID-19 crisis,  Facilities Manager Dan Miller keeps the community connected to campus. His first dispatch was yesterday.
Dispatch 1: April 9, 2020

I visit campus at least four times a week to try and keep on top of simple maintenance and to get ahead of my summer projects. Every time I’m there, something new strikes me about the emptiness of the space.  I try to take a picture of it if I can, but some things just don’t seem to translate well. For instance, today the trash truck came and emptied the recycling dumpster. Nothing but rainwater came out. We’ve been away from campus long enough that we have completely stopped generating waste...and yet, the truck has still come every week. I couldn’t figure out why this sight struck me so much, but after some time, I realized that it was just
too regular. In this weird new world we’re in where everything has changed, it is off-putting to see something that has stayed the same.

Below are the photos I’ve taken that I think capture the isolation that campus is feeling without us.

Between the parking lot and the building, daffodils are about to make it through a full life cycle without being trampled or picked. 

Grass is emerging between the main entrance and the outdoor classroom! I spread compost and fresh grass seed to see how far this recovery will go without the presence of play.

These ducks moved onto campus and stayed for almost three weeks before moving on. They left when the water dried out.

I hope everyone is still feeling connected to each other. We are a community, and distance will not change that. Check the new Our FCS Campus page (on the FCS portal under the Groups tab) periodically for new photos of campus, so you can still feel connected to the space that, for the time being, we cannot share.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Dan Miller
Facilities Manager

Located in College Park, MD, Friends Community School is a progressive Quaker K-8 day school, founded on the belief that every child is a valued member of our community. We offer a challenging curriculum imbued with strong values of equality, integrity, community, environmental stewardship, simplicity and peaceful conflict resolution, rooted in our Quaker heritage.
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