Remote Learning Show & Tell

Since March 17, Friends Community School students have been learning remotely but staying connected. This week we opened a Show & Tell so the community could share what an FCS education looks like from home.

Home Science Lab

Scared of this thing called coronavirus that you can’t see? First grader Zayn made this model from playdough and explains its properties in this video.

Sophia (6th grade) observed how ocean acidification brought on by climate change could affect oysters, clams, crabs, etc. She used an acid (vinegar) and a shell. Twenty-four hours later, the shell doesn’t look too good. 

Seventh graders got excited by Brenda’s challenge to create a song about physical and chemical properties. Here’s Emmett’s original rap song and Vivian's ukelele number to the tune of YMCA! 

Resourceful Art 

Cecelia and Brighid have been leading students through crafting some beautiful art work from supplies found at home.
DJ (2nd grade) created a color wheel from items around the house.

Rachel (3rd grade) made shadow puppets.

Bill (6th grade) got into the details with Brighid’s doodle art challenge.

Sophie (3rd grade) hasn’t stopped practicing her saxophone after school for the FCS Instrumental Music Program; now she plays for the neighborhood

New Furry Students Join FCS

The biggest fans of remote learning seem to be our pets, who like having us home all day! We’ve been introducing each other to our furry friends:

Shane (5th grade) enjoys remote learning with his deer (stuffed, but looks real!) and cat, Zoe (real). 

Jackson (5th grade) shares a learning spot with Josie the boxer.

Kazumi (8th grade) got a new Shiba Inu puppy, Yuzu. And we met Keely’s dog, Murphy, and Angela’s dog, Moses! While Soo Young recorded the parts of “One Voice” for students, her dog, Maple, couldn’t resist adding his voice at the end!
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