Woodland Fantasy Like Real Life

Fairies and punks shared the stage last Thursday in a Shakespeare-inspired play, Cobweb Dreams, performed by students in Friends Community School’s 7/8 acting elective.
Riffing off of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the two-act play by Lindsay Price shares the struggles of a woodland fairy named Cobweb, who feels like a misfit with the obedient fairies of Queen Titania and is enchanted by the prankster punks of King Oberon. “When I first read the play, I was struck by the similarities between what Cobweb is going through and what I see middle schoolers struggle with,” says FCS performing arts teacher Kiersten Whitehead.

“One of the things I love about FCS is how we develop a community where all can be seen. It is important that we feel like we have a place where we can be our true selves—which is exactly what Cobweb must find for herself,” says Kiersten.

The play received wide praise from its whole-school, K-8 audience in the morning and parents and friends in the evening. Between actors, stage crew, tech crew, and production crew, 30 middle-school students worked in the production. Acting is one of several electives FCS 7th and 8th graders choose to complement the school’s core curriculum. Additional options this fall included Debate, Sewing, and Comic Design.

Watch the video of the 7/8 play here:

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