Game On in Yonnette's 3/4

Today students in Yonnette’s 3/4 class at Friends Community School share the original board games they’ve created based on their favorite books.
Every one of the 18 students in the class has created a gameboard, written directions, and fashioned cards, pawns, tokens, and spinners that tell the story of their chosen book. Instead of a writing a book report, the students thought about how to translate plot, character, and setting into a fun learning experience for others.
“It’s an interesting way to get to know my book better and an interesting way for other people to get to know your book,” says 4th grader Martha. Even though the book she chose, The War That Saved my Life, was a favorite she had read more than once, Martha found herself re-reading parts to check on details to apply to her game.
Today’s game-share for parents follows last week’s prototype focus groups with 3/4 students in Tess’s class. Peer feedback helped the games get better, says 3rd grader Claire. “I realized I left out a major step!”
Players will discover that that the goals of the games vary as much as the narratives they’re based on. For example, the goal of 4th-grader Sam’s game is for two players to end up in the same location. That’s because in the book he read, Pax, “throughout the whole book the characters are trying to find each other.”
“This project was really fun because it let us be free,” says 4th grader Anna. “I can’t wait to play everyone’s game!”

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