Our Year in Review

Friends Community School alum and intern Rebecca Hamilton-Levi ’10 has made a video documenting highlights, large and small, of the 2018-19 school year.
The project brings to full circle Rebecca’s year at FCS, which began with her making a video capturing the first day of school in September. While she’s been here, Rebecca has recorded school events, photographed classroom activities, written copy for the school and summer camp websites, helped the administrative staff, and much more. This fall, Rebecca will move to Philadelphia, hoping to pursue more film-making projects.

"As a kid, I benefited from the community we had here. As an adult coming back, the mentors I’ve had have been incredible to my growth as a young professional,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca’s Year in Review video intersperses small day-to-day moments with some of this year’s big events, such as the Martin Luther King parade and Mary Poppins show. Rebecca’s favorite footage are the 6th graders flying kites to celebrate their musical and the Kindergarteners’ Poetry Slam. “There’s something really special about the everyday moments,” she says. “When you’re little, you’ve only experienced so much time, so every day is interesting. It’s nice to be able to capture that. When you grow up, you forget all these little things because it all blurs together.”

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