118 Questions, Answered

Middle-school students at Friends Community School presented projects that ranged from genetic studies to engineering solutions at Science Night on Thursday.
Students shared the culmination of several months of research on handmade boards, some with supplemental evidence and live demonstrations. FCS parents, students, alumni, and teachers roamed the multipurpose room with sticky notes and pencils, hearing the young scientists’ presentations, asking questions, and leaving written affirmations, as is the custom at FCS.  

In the fifth grade, teams of students had focused their questions on plant growth. How do different types of soil, water, light, temperature, or even sound affect plant growth? In grades 6 through 8, students worked on individual projects based on a topic of interest, which included…
How do different fuels for rockets affect the height of launch? Is the Sans Forgetica font effective for memorization?
Do flying formations increase or decrease drag, and to what extent?
What is the most efficient way to clean birds’ feathers from an oil spill?
Do different kinds of basketballs affect shooting percentage?
What pollutant affects brine shrimp the most?
What color candy has the most dye?
Which sense is stronger, taste or smell?
What shapes are the most “invisible” to radar?
Does exercise help with short-term memory?
Do antibacterial agents really work and kill bacteria? And which one is the best?
Does washing strawberries in aloe vera juice stop of slow down the molding process?
How does music affect heart rate?
What is the science of afterimages?
How does starch affect the stickiness of sushi rice?  

Says 7/8 science teacher Brenda Walter, “It is remarkable to see the connections students make between their projects and the world around them.”

Science Night is an annual tradition in the FCS middle school.
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