Stories Set Free in 7/8 One-Act

Students who love to tell stories had the opportunity to tell quite a few in Aesop & George, a one-act play performed on Thursday by 7th and 8th graders in Friends Community School’s play elective.
The story takes place in an abandoned theater where the ghost of Aesop meets “echoes” of the theater’s past performances. Snow White, Scrooge, and Juliet (of Romeo and…) are some of the characters vying to relive their stories or be in a new one. As the echoes bemoan the theater’s leaky roof, the spirits of rain, clouds, and oceans make cameos for a mini-lesson on the water cycle. Somehow from all these threads, a new story is born, and the storytellers are set free.
Between actors, stage crew, tech crew, and costume and set designers, 28 students participated in the production. Middle-school students in FCS’s 7th and 8th grade chose six electives over the course of each school year to complement the school’s core curriculum. Besides Acting and Tech/Costume Crew for Aesop & George, this fall’s options included Midterm Elections, Chess & Strategies, TED Talks, History of Hip Hop, Acapella, and Drawing.
Watch the show here:

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