Paint Night with Artist Aundrae Williams

Aundrae Williams is an artivist, a role he explained to a group of FCS students and parents on Monday, March 1 as “a person whose goal is to respond to local and global injustices through the lens of creative expression.” 
“Artivism can be used to fight any political or social injustice in a way that allows for a raw emotional and multilayered understanding of the issue. These expressions are depicted through various mediums from spoken word to visual art.”  

Aundrae shared that his introduction to artivism came when he went to Louisiana for his first protest against police brutality and met the artist BMIKE whose work opened Aundrae’s mind to the potential in his own. 
Aundrae explained that his goal is to inspire a generation of young people to pursue their dreams and to inform others of injustices that happen around the world through art making so that we can heal and take steps towards a positive change. Currently, Aundrae teaches art at Sheridan School. 
After his talk students shared their own goals and dreams as he led them in a drawing activity in which they conveyed their personal “passion” clutched in an image of their own hands. 
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